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About Albarka

We started Albarka Delivery services because Nearly eight in ten shoppers buy products online these days.With online shopping becoming more ofthe norm, businesses are being forced to step up their game when it comes delivering products. Todays customers expect purchases to arrive quickly and intact, which doesnt seem too difficult until your delivery company can’t fulfill their promises.That's why when that happens, customers are quick to jump ship to your competitors.

At Albarka, we ensure that each product is delivered fast, on time, and efficiently. Now more than ever, reliable delivery services are needed for these bustling times. If your delivery service is experiencing some of these delivery problems, it may be time to inquire about Albarka delivery services. Albarka is on a journey to make delivery service instantaneous. We have transformed conventional delivery to modernized instant delivery. We are a trendsetting technology-driven company based in Dubai providing hassle-free, time-saving, instant delivery across Dubai.

Happy Customers

Really impressed with this service. Package collected and delivered in sharp fashion at the lowest price on the market. Will definitely use again.

John Tal

It was a fast and trouble free transaction with lots of communication - I am very happy and would definitively use again.

Thomas Ray

This is the best service I have ever used, pick up was perfect and on time ,arrived in two days .Perfect in every way. Thank you.

Ubeid Sam

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